Saturday, 15 October 2011

To the BIG screen (#1)

To the Big screen is another weekly feature here at Fantasia books where we choose a book which is being made into a film, has sold it's film rights or that we think would be good as a film and who we would like to act in it (which can be really hard to decide).

So to start this feature off, we will talk about the upcoming movie The Hunger Games which is based on the book by Suzanne Collins.

Below is the book cover (US and UK) and the poster.

The film will be released 23rd March, 2011 (the day before Gina's birthday - guess we know what she'll be seeing on the day). Here is what we have to say about the book and the upcoming film and our expectations.

Here's the trailer for the film :) Enjoy!!


I fell in love with the books instantly and read the whole trilogy in a week (which is extremely quick for me). I just loved that this book was different, that it didn't have a sappy romance story like so many YA novels and it was actually my first dystopian novel and now i love that type of YA genre. The amount of cliffhangers the books had blew me away :)

When i found out that this book was being made into a film i was over the moon. But i also wanted them to choose the right actors for the characters and i got a bit worried. When i first saw the actors and actresses i didn't like them because they weren't how i pictured them in my mind. That's always going to happen with any book that gets made into a film but they've grown on me. So here they are - Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

At first I thought that Jennifer was too pretty to play Katniss but when i saw the trailer I thought that she quite suited the role. And talk about the muscles on those guys!! Josh buffed up just a bit for the role of Peeta and may i say he does look nice. And light hair suits him too :D

I cannot wait until this film comes out and then i can ask to see it as a birthday gift and i will bring Katie along with me :)


I have only read The Hungers Games but not the other two novels of Suzanne Collin’s amazing trilogy. Although, I have just watched the trailer again (that Gina put up) I just want to read it all over again! Sometimes when I buy a series and take breaks between the books i have to re-read the one before or else i forget certain things. But not The Hunger Games. I feel ready to read Catching Fire because The Hunger Games is just phenomenal that it’s impossible to forget about what’s happened in it. It’s like it’s glued to your brain!

I am not a fan of dystopian novels, although I have read Matched by Ally Condie but I wasn’t fussed about it, although I still enjoyed reading it. The only thing that made me want to read The Hunger Games was that it was being made into a film -and Gina nagging me!- and I like to read the novel before I see the film. So I decided to read The Hunger Games and see what all the fuss was about, and I can tell ya’, I can see why!

I love it when one of your favourite books are being made into films, because it totally makes your day so I am so glad they are making The Hunger Games appear on the Big screen. But the only doubt I have is if they don't make it as incredible as the books, and if the actors don't fit the part and most importantly look and act as though the character do in the book. I’m not sure about Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson playing the characters because I don’t think they look as what I pictured them to be as. Although, I really like Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss because in the trailer she sort of looks like how I pictured her.

I’m really looking forward to the trailer and writing about this is making me want to read Catching Fire very soon! :)


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