Saturday, 8 October 2011

My book ban :)

So...I have decided that i will not be buying anymore books until christmas as i have wayyyyy too many to read. Something like 80 or 90 so i am deciding to read them before anything else.

Of course, ones I've pre-ordered don't count obvously because i have already paid for them :D

And I'll also save a lot of money and could buy other things instead (not that i want to buy anything other than books) but i shall try to resist as much as i can but if someone OFFERS to buy one for me then i will not say no ahah :) I just can't ask for them, tehe!!

And also.....

I hate the UK so much for waiting a whole year to bring out the next book in a series after America! :( As you know, I just read Firelight and in the UK Vanish doesn't come out until September 2012!!! I mean, c'mon, that is wayyyy too long to wait for a book, especially considering Firelight came out over in in March 2011.
So I have ordered it from the Book Depository because it was out in america from Spetemeber 2011 which is much better :D


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