Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cover Battles (#1)

We've seen some people do this on their other blogs and we thought we would give it a go :D

Nearly every day we'll choose a certain book that has different book covers for the UK and US and we'll decide which one we like better and why :) We think it'll be fun to do this and we're looking forward to it.

So we're going to kickstart this series of posts by choosing the book Destined by P. C. and Kristin Cast which is the 9th book of the HoN (House of Night) series and which Gina is patiently awaiting the release of :D
So here are the covers...
Destined (House of Night, #9)
Destined (House of Night Series #9)     

           US                                                 UK


US: I love this one and may i say that the guy is very hot indeed :D ahha. Anyway, back to the cover. I love the shadow of the bull in the background which is meant to represent one of the two bulls, one being good and bad. This model is meant to be rephaim and may i say he looks very good looking!! :)

UK: Honestly, I don't think much of this cover. For one, it doesn't really match all the others, whose models look very alike, and secondly i think the models face looks too white against the blackness of the book. I also don't like the necklace which looks odd on this cover. It may look better when i actually have the book but so far i don't think much of this one.Conclusion: I think the UK one is okay but the US one is amazing and i feel that a lot more detail has gone into it :D


US: Compared to the UK version, it looks a lot better in my opinion. It looks as though someone has took some care and thought into designing it. The male model is quite cute, and with his jacket open…phwoar! I love the design that has been created on the cover and it makes it look even better.

UK: Honestly? Awful. I haven’t yet read this series but I have seen the book covers and compared to the rest of the series, it looks as though it’s been made in a rush. The girl looks too pale against the black design in the background, so the model looks photo-shopped. The necklace looks as though it’s been slapped on the cover, as though no one cares where it is. Also, haven’t they used pink for the title already?

Conclusion: I prefer the US version because it looks as though someone has been dedicated into making the cover tie in with the previous eight books in the series.


  1. Hi Love your site. Its very cool. :)
    I think any book cover that grabs your attention has got to be good.
    I look at the covers and then what the title says and if I think it looks good and I like the title I take a peek at the back.
    Keep up the cool work :)