Monday, 19 November 2012

Review: Shift by Em Bailey

ShiftDate Read: April 25th, 2012
Date Published: May 7th, 2012
Publishers: Electric Monkey
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Blurb: "There were two things everyone knew about Miranda Vaile before she'd even started at our school. The first was that she had no parents - they were dead. And the second was that they were dead because Miranda had killed them."

Olive used to be the school queen-bee. But that was before her breakdown. Now she's the class loner, and can only watch as new girl Miranda latches on to Olive's ex-best friend Katie. Soon Miranda is talking like Katie, dressing like Katie - even going out with Katie's boyfriend.

And then Katie dies. Everyone seems to believe it was a tragic accident, but OIive isn't so sure. What if the wild rumours are true? What if Miranda really is a killer...?

This book was amazing. There is no getting away from it. I love books with an edge of mystery and this book definitely had that AND a paranormal edge. There were times I wanted to scream at the main character, olive, to make her see sense and I must say that the ending was shocking but expected. This is definitely a book I will read again sometime in the future.

Olive decided to change her outlook on life after her “incident” which led to her taking pills and becoming the enemy of her ex-best friend, Katie, the popular of the school. But when the new girl Miranda makes her way into the popular group Olive knows something is wrong. Day by day Miranda’s hair becomes as lush as Katie’s and soon Olive begins to notice that Katie is fading away. With the help of her friend Ami, they piece together the facts and come up with the awful truth...Miranda is stealing Katie’s life and it’s in the literal sense. But who will believe Olive, the crazy girl? But when Katie dies Miranda sets her sights upon Olive. Things couldn’t be any worse.

This book blew me away. I was in the shop looking for a new one and I saw this beautiful cover and I knew I had to have it. Its set in Australia as the writer is from there but honestly, it didn’t matter too much. I was intrigued with the characters and the storyline.
Onto the characters first. Olive was a relatable character and I really liked hearing the story from her point of view. Her life isn’t normal, it’s far from it. I guess that’s what I liked about her. She did what she could even though her life wasn’t great. Her best friend Ami had me laughing and later on in the story, when a few truths were let out, I found myself staring at the book with an open mouth. So many things happen to these characters it’s unreal.

Then there was Lachlan. Sigh.....He was great for Olive and I wanted to hit her for trying to ignore him. If I was her I would have jumped at the chance but not Olive. He was there for her and towards the end, when things got crazy, he didn’t leave her like she thought. He was good for her and kinda hot.

Then we have evil Villain, Miranda. She was awful and I kept rooting for Olive to beat her and then when Katie died I knew something bad would happen. Of course, it did and right up until the end of the book I wanted Olive to beat her. Well....I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out what happens.

Throughout the book the truths were revealed and I had to resist the urge to look ahead. It was painful not knowing everything and when I did find out my mouth always dropped open. This book was so tense that towards the end my stomach was in knots. There was so much suspense that I couldn’t stop reading. This paranormal element seemed real. Olive didn’t believe Miranda was what she thought she was. In fact, Olive tried convincing herself that Miranda wasn’t. The ending of this book was not a disappointment and the climax was amazing.

I loved this book so much and I have a feeling that whoever reads this is gonna love it too. Once you start this book you won’t be able to stop.


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