Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Liebster Blog Award

So I haven't been on my blog for a little while because I've had an art deadline that I needed to get my work finished for but I had a break and got some surprises. Two people who follow me nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. 

At first I had no idea what it was but it sounded like good news. So I went and checked it out. Basically other bloggers give this out to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers and the word 'Liebster' means favourite in German and I guess that means two people love my blog. I would like to say thanks to A and Dabin Han. I guess I have two lots of questions to answer then.

Here are the steps: 
-Tell 11 things about yourself. 
-Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. 
-Post 11 questions for those who will be nominated by you.
-Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
-Get in contact with those 11 bloggers in order to inform them that you nominated them.  

So let's get started with the 11 things about me.

1. I have finished three novels but I am editing the third one because I think it's the best and I hope to send it off by summer (if I have the time).
2. My life ambition is to be an author. It's the best job out there and I don't think I could do a normal job, too boring. 
3. But if I don't succeed then my back-up is to be a Lawyer (big difference but hey). 
4. You have no idea how much I treasure my books. No one is allowed to touch them, they are mine and they sometimes find it funny to re-arrange them. Not cool. 
5. I study Art, French, History and English Literature and Language at sixth form (I'm nearly 17 btw). It's a lot of work but somehow I manage and still have time to read. 
6. I love Italian food. There's nothing better than a heaped bowl of steaming pasta or pizza with my favourite toppings. 
7. I'm Irish, English, part Austrian and probably a few other things. 
8. Inspiration for my novels can hit me anywhere; at school, in the car, just before I go to sleep, even when I watch a movie. 
9. I'm such a geek when it comes to movies. I read Empire and Sci-fi now because I love finding out things about my favourite movies and upcoming ones. It's the media-geek coming out in me. (I get it from my dad).
10. I need more time to read. I wish i could sit down and read all day, every day but I can't and it makes me sad.
11. I have two crocodile teddies that I have had since I was born and they sleep next to me every night. 

11 questions from A:

1. Why do you blog?
I blog because I want people to find out about the best books out there.  I want to share my views with the world and when one of my followers comments on my review I know they understand me and it's the best feeling in the world.
2. Do you read other blogs and why?
I do when I get the time. I have a few favourites because I love their style and voice. I like to know what they think of some books and a lot of the books I buy are because of their reviews. 
3. Which is your favorite book and why?
Don't do that to me! haha, umm I guess I'd have to say...Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. A lot of people will look up what this book is or already know about it and wonder why I chose a book about Zombies. I do love a good zombie story but this was a beautiful read. R is such a sweet and caring character, I connected with him and felt for him. He has a great voice with awesome humour but more than anything this book is about love and finding it. It's a heartfelt book and everyone should read it. I'm also excited for the movie!
4. What writing means for you?
 I can express who I am and in my main characters I put a bit of myself into them but also what I want to be. When I ask my friends for their opinions they also say it's like reading about me. That's what I love. That I can make a character real in so many ways.
5. How do you spend your free time?
Reading is a big part of that but I also like to write, watch my favourite TV shows (Fringe, Supernatural, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries etc.). Action and sci-fi movies on a friday or saturday night but I also like just sitting and talking to my mum. I can tell her anything. 
6.  What was your greatest moment for the year that passed?
I'd say it would have to be when I realised I have lost over two stone since the end of September. It made me feel good and gave me the confidence boost I needed to stop being shy around everyone and to not care what people thought of me. 
7. Which five words describe you best?
Artistic, Impatient, Friendly, Geek and .... Imaginative.
8. What would you encourage other people to do?
To do what makes you happy and don't care what other people think about it. Why should it matter to them?
9. What would you change in your life if you could?
I'd want to be richer so I could buy more books, haha.
10.  What advice you would give to a new writer?
When you get a writer's block don't give up and wait for it to pass. Take a little break and re-read what you've written so far. I can guarantee that as you do you'll get ideas and you need to write them down. Even if it's something you want to happen at the end you will find a way to link the two together and before you know it you'll be writing again. 
11.  If there’s a word that would describe how you want this year to turn out, what is that word?

 11 questions from Dabin Han:

1. If you were to write a book, what book genre would it be?
I've already done three but they are the YA genre because I'm in that age genre at the moment. But with a dash of the paranormal.
2. What's your favorite book? I know. Such a generic question.
Well...considering this is a question from a different person I don't have to answer with the same book (I have too many anyway). I'd say the Vampire Academy series because it's got everything a good book should have. A kick-ass heroine, hot love-interest, fast paced story, action, sad scenes and a great author. 
3. Favorite author?
That's a tough one. Probably Jennifer L. Armentrout because her Covenant series and Lux series are some of my favourites on my shelf. And she creates hot guys who I wish could be real.
4. Why did you start blogging? 
To let the blogging world know what I think of the books I read and to get others reading them.
5. What's the first book you ever read?
Guess How Much I Love you by Anita Jeram. It's the first book I ever remember reading when I was a kid and it's one that is still on my bookshelf now. When I was younger it was something me and my mum used to say to each other so it holds some lovely memories. 
6.  Least favorite book?
The Twilight saga. Not because they aren't good, I loved them when I first read them. But now that I've read a lot more that are better I realise they aren't my favourite or even come close to some that I've read. 
7. Who is your favorite female character in any book?
That's a tricky question. Emerson from Hourglass by Myra McEntire.  She's feisty, sarcastic, funny, caring and she can do some pretty amazing things. I connected with her from the beginning.
8. What male fictional character do you wish was real?
 Dimitri Belikov from the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Nom. he is everything I want in a guy, gorgeous, protective, tall, muscular and he has an awesome name.
9. Do you have neat handwriting?
Everyone always says I do but I just don't see it. I write in Italics and I guess people think it's cool. 
10. When did you get into reading?
2009 is when I started buying my books and creating a collection but I've always read, I just started getting obsessed then. 
11. What is your favorite book genre and why.
Paranormal YA because I can relate to the characters and meet some pretty interesting supernatural creatures along the way. 

So now it's time for me to think of my own 11 questions for my nominees:

1. If you could be any character who would you be and why?
2. What do you want to be when you're older (or wish you could be)?
3. Favourite book? (Everyone asks this but I'm curious)
4. Have you ever met any of your favourite authors?
5. Your favourite fictional world created by an author?
6. How many books do you own?
7. Why do you read?
8. What do you do in your spare time, apart from reading?
9.What country would you live in and why?
10. Best series you've ever read?
11. Do you read certain books more than once?

My Nominees:

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If you choose to participate leave a comment showing your answers!


  1. Thanks for answering my questions and congrats for your two nominations. :)
    I wish you good luck for your books and you triggered my imagination with your favorite book. I haven't read it but now I want to.:)

  2. Thanks for answering them! I am the same with my books. I don't let anyone leave a scratch, bend the page, leave pencil markings, or anything. It drives me insane!