Wednesday, 23 January 2013

HELP! Urgent blog problem

I need some help guys. For some reason only one blog post is showing on the home page and I don't know why? 

I checked on the settings and it should be showing 5 now but nothing. I've had problems with blogger before but does anyone know how to fix it. 
If so could you be a darling and comment to tell me. Because I don't want a faulty blog when I have awesome reviews to show you!


  1. hmm... I see only 2 reviews. Maybe you set it up that way to show only 2 posts per page?

  2. What if you go to "posts" and tick all the posts that don't show and click publish all over again? Or revert them to draft and then publish them again? I hope it helps ^^
    I haven't got any problems with my blogger blog O__o