Thursday, 24 January 2013

ARC Review: The New Hunger by Isaac Marion

Date Read: January 24th, 2013
Date Published: January 28th, 2013
Publishers: Zola Books
Format: E-book
Pages: 140
Blurb: New York is a bayou. New Orleans is a reef. The entire country has been devastated by natural disasters and governmental collapse, and on top of everything else there is the annoying problem of zombies trying to devour you at every turn. But sixteen-year-old Nora and her younger brother Addis are about to discover the most frightening thing yet: being abandoned in this horrific world by their own parents.

Left with only a bag of clothes and a first-aid kit, Nora and Addis begin a harrowing journey to connect with anyone who isn't looking to rob them or eat them. A wounded man wrecks a meal of green beans and French fries at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. An attempt to get a good night’s sleep in a fortified motel is ruined by an undead face staring at them through the window. And they just can’t seem to shake someone – something – that’s been following them everywhere they go….

Meanwhile, a girl named Julie is travelling toward the city in an SUV with her parents. She is only twelve, but has already seen friends die and her school burn. She has watched her father become nearly as cold and remorseless as the Dead. All she wants is someplace to call home, even if it never really will be.

And somewhere nearby, a tall man awakens in the woods, unsure of exactly where he is, or even who he is. As he struggles to remember details of his life, a single consonant comes to him: R. He is…a name that begins with R….

Absolutely amazing. Isaac Marion has created a world that I have fallen in love with, but also terrified of. His writing is so raw and real it’s as if you are really there. He is easily one of my favourite authors.

The New Hunger, the prequel to Warm Bodies, explains the stories of some of our most loved characters from Warm Bodies. Julie is 12 years old and travelling with her parents. They don’t know what they’ll run into or who they’ll find, but they have to keep surviving. Sixteen-year-old Nora and her younger brother Addis are fending for themselves after being abandoned by their parents. The world is dangerous and they don’t know what’s around the corner, but they have to keep going. But a man is awakening and realising what he is. He can’t remember much but he knows his name begins with R.

I love this prequel. It’s definitely one of the best I've read and it gives us detailed backgrounds for the characters. I found Nora and Addis’ the best because we didn't learn much about them in Warm Bodies.

The thing I liked about Marion’s characters is that you can relate to them and you feel for them. You laugh with them and you cry with them.
The idea to switch between the different characters was genius because it keeps you on your toes and gives the book a fast pace. The imagery is beautifully detailed and I hope the film captures it as well as my mind does.

Overall it was a great read, just as enjoyable as Warm Bodies was. Fans will love the information this novella has to offer but it also leads straight onto Warm Bodies which is great news for new readers who want to give this series a try. Which I highly recommend!

I would like to say thank you to Zola Books for giving me the chance to review this book.


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