Sunday, 4 December 2011

To our fellow bloggers and followers...

Just a Quick note from Gina....

We are so very sorry that we haven't been posting for the past week!! It's not that we;ve given up and thought, "you know what, i can't be bothered with this anymore," it's just that I have been super busy and i'm the one that keeps this thing going.

I haven't even been reading that much either because i've been getting back into my writing and so far I have done 20,000 words on my new novel in a week which is the quickest I've ever done that amount before. As you can probably tell i want to be an author and this is my third novel which i will be turning into a trilogy. When i finish this one i hope to send it off to some agents to see if they want to publish it which is exciting!!

But getting away from that it is now 20 days till christmas!! Is anyone else as excited as I am??
I'm looking forward to spending time with my mum and sister, opening presents anf filling myself up with a lovely meal. And a plus is that it is on a sunday which is when the In My Mailbox takes place so we will have a very special christmas one just for our lovely followers.

So I hope that you forgive us for dropping off of the face of the earth and accept this massive hug from us.....

And i also just want to say thanks to all our followers! Without you there would be no blog :D <3


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