Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton

Blood Magic
Reviewed by Gina
Date Published: July 7th, 2011
Date Read: September 24th, 2011
Blurb: For Nick Pardee and Silla Kennicot, the cemetery is the center of everything.

Nick is a city boy angry at being forced to move back to the nowhere town of Yaleylah, Missouri where he grew up. He can’t help remembering his mom and the blood magic she practiced – memories he’s tried for five years to escape. Silla, though, doesn’t want to forget; her parents’ apparent murder-suicide left her numb and needing answers. When a book of magic spells in her dad’s handwriting appears on her doorstep, she sees her chance to unravel the mystery of their deaths.

Together they plunge into the world of dark magic, but when a hundred-year-old blood witch comes hunting for the bones of Silla’s parents and the spell book, Nick and Silla will have to let go of everything they believe about who they are, the nature of life and death, and the deadly secrets that hide in blood.

Review: This book was amazing! I loved every word of it. The heartache, the fun, the love, the magic and the blood! The world that Tessa Gratton has created is brilliant and it had me hooked.

After the death of her parents Silla changed. Her looks and the way she lived her life. But then she found the spell book that used Blood as a key ingrediant and what she found changed everything and then she met Nick, the new guy in town with a past of his own.
Both characters had a POV as well as a person who wrote mysterious journal entries going through the years. These POVs kept me interested and whereas some people don't like them, i love them! We get the story from different angles and it offers us more information which is great in a book.

Nick and Silla had similar problems and both of their lives had been complicated by blood magic. Tessa Gratton made the book seem so real that it makes you want to try the spells out for yourself (not that i'd ever try it because I'm such a big wimp - can't even handle papercuts!) but that's what's good about this book. It makes you believe in the story.

The relationship of Nick and Silla was fast-paced and i enjoyed reading about them. It didn't seem unnatural for them to get together so quickly, especially when Silla is alone most of the time - and she really clicked with him.
Her brother...i wish i had a brother like him. One that would protect me and always be there for me. And the ending made me happy and sad. Readers, you will find out soon enough if you do end up buying this book. But trust me, you'll enjoy every bit of it no matter what.

I cannot wait for Blood Keeper to come out next summer (such a long time to wait) but i guess it'll be worth it :) I'd recommend this to anyone who loves books about magic and witches :) 4.5/5 stars!!


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