Thursday, 15 September 2011

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4) Reviewed by Gina
Published Date: April 5th, 2011
Finished Date: September 15th, 2011
Blurb: Clary is back in New York and life is good: she's training to be a Shadowhunter and is finally able to call Jace her boyfriend. But nothing comes without a price. When Jace inexplicably begins to pull away from her, Clary is forced to acknowledge that she herself has set in motion a chain of events that could lead to the loss of everything she loves. Even Jace.

Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge.
The stakes are higher than ever...

Review:Well...Surprisingly i found this book harder to get into than the other three. I think it would have been a good idea to have it as a trilogy as this 4th book wasn't necessary to the series but it was still good. I don't think it deserves five stars like the other ones but it was good enough for 4. It was slow moving until the last few chapters when the action started happening and all the story started to piece together. I thinkt he pace of this book is what made me read it slower and finish it later than i normally would.

i think it was good that we focused in on a few of the other characters instead of Clary and Jace. Simon was interesting with his 'non-exclusive' girlfriends. Although i have a feeling something might develope between him and Isabelle :) i hope it does! But he was kind of stupid with them both. And i actually felt sorry for him a bit with the Mark of Cain and him having to see those people die.
Alec and Magnus....I do like them and the relationship they have :D they are so cute and i really hope that they can find a way to be together without Alec dying of old age :)

It's always good to read a bit of jace :) love him even though he was a bit moany in this one. He had good reason to be but for some reason I kept getting fed up of him at certain bits.
Clary was kind of the same except that she kept putting herself in danger and causing problems. But i hope it gets better in the next one but i have a feeling it won't.

Talk about an ending!! What a massive cliffhanger and i actually got made because i do not know when the next book will be out :( but it better be good.
Overall I'm gonna give this 7/10 and 3.9/4 stars :D


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