Saturday, 12 November 2011

To the BIG Screen (#2)

Hi guys, it's just Gina this time round :)

Hello everyone and as you all probably know, next friday Breaking Dawn  Part 1 comes to our screens!
The Twilight Saga was what got me back into reading and technically without those books i wouldn't be doing this blog right now :) So thank you Twilight!!

Anway, back to the film. All the same people are in it and now the saga is finally coming to a conclusion. Most of us have read the books so i don't think i really need to explain what will happen. But if you haven't read the last one, then do so quickly, because in my opinion, it was the best one out of the series!!
Here's the movie poster.....

I like this poster but to be honest...there are a lot out so i just chose this one haha :)
I'm going to go see it with Katie as week after it comes out (like i would go watch it with girls screaming everytime Edward comes on ahah) :) But it should be good and I'm looking forward to it :) Here's the trailer....



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