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Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Carrier of the Mark Reviewed by Gina
Date Published: October 4th, 2011 (US) (UK was later in the month)
Date Read: 5th November, 2011
Blurb: Their love was meant to be.

Review: As soon as I heard about this book I knew I wanted it. I began pining for it and eventually I bought it and got stuck into it. And it was a great decision because this book was amazing. It has mystery, romance, action, twists and turns and it was also set in Ireland which is amazing because my dad lives there and I go there every holiday. It’s my home.

The story starts off when Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland with her father after he gets offered a job there. Due to the fact that she’s been forever moving around since her mom’s death, Megan isn’t good at fitting in and feeling at home in one place. But she soon realises that that will all change and she makes new friends easily and even catches the eye of the brooding Adam DeRÍs. But with her friend warning her that Adam and his family are bad news, she can’t help but want to know more. Soon Megan and Adam’s romance takes over and they realise that their love may be the end of them.

This was a great read and I loved Leigh Fallon’s style of writing. She made me laugh a lot, which is always good in a book (although it makes me seem like a weirdo laughing to myself) and this was a great first novel. This was a very believable world where I could relate to the characters and I found myself really caring for them and there were a few times when scenes with Adam and Megan would catch my breath and I love that in a romance.

The Idea of this novel was amazing and I loved all the twists and turns it had to offer and in general this book was fast paced, exciting and interesting. I loved the idea of the gifts that the characters had and I loved reading about all of them. And it’s also nice to have a change of scenery from America to somewhere else. This book also got extra points as it mentioned a place called Newgrange which is in county Meath where my dad lives so I was happy about that!

The romance was exhilarating and the connection between Adam and Megan was amazing! Took my breath away and I loved the chemistry they had. I could really feel how much they loved each other and the ending was amazing (if you read this then you will most likely agree with me).

Overall Carrier of the Mark was an amazing read and if you haven’t got it, go out and buy it soon because it will be worth every penny! The romance, suspense, chemistry, action and magic will keep you wanting more until you reach the end and still the need is there. I look forward to reading the rest of this series. 5 stars!!

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When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam DeRÍs.
But Megan is about to discover that her feelings for Adam are tied to a fate that was sealed long ago—and that the passion and power that brought them together could be their ultimate destruction.


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