Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Carrier of the Mark Reviewed by Katie
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Review: Giving this book four stars is too mean, but when I try to give it five, it seems too much so I'm going to settle for 4.5 stars although it's pushing more to five than four. I have simply given 4.5 stars because I'm struggling to work out the Carrier of Mark and royal bloods. It was too confusing for me. Although, the book was great and I really enjoyed reading this! To prove that, I stayed up til about 2am to finish it! :D
I enjoyed reading through Carrier of the Mark for a number of reasons; Leigh Fallon's style of writing and the characters.
The characters were amazing although I was a little unsure of Rían, but I began to like him and I'm hoping that there will be a love traingle between Megan, Adam and Rían! :)
Fallon's writing was great, and I'm glad that Carrier of the Mark is a series because I'm anxious to see what'll happen between Megan and Adam as you can see that their love is strong and to tear that apart would be devastating.
I love Aine so much, she's so sweet and what she did for Megan and Adam that night in Dublin was so thoughtful of her!
I'm looking forward to reading Dawn of the Knights and seeing how Megan and Adam will sort everything out and lets hope that their love won't be destructed! :)


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